Harris King Avatar
Harris King

positive review  Best coffee in the Upstate! And the nicest people! - 9/29/2020

Brian Riddley Avatar
Brian Riddley

positive review  Highly recommended!!☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ - 9/05/2020

Leah Thompson Avatar
Leah Thompson

positive review  You guys do have the best coffee and fantastic staff! You rock! - 9/01/2020

Bethany D. Avatar
Bethany D.
5 star rating

This was my first time trying Ninja Warrior Coffee after hearing great things about it. Everyone working there was super nice and friendly. The shop has a great, welcoming atmosphere with cozy seating areas. I love the variety and unique flavors they had on the menu and I will definitely be back to try them all out. I got a brown sugar cinnamon latte iced and it was delicious! I definitely recommend giving them a try! - 6/19/2020

Keith Moody Avatar
Keith Moody

This was my first time and I will definitely be going back. I tried their cold brew nitro and I am now hooked! All the people/staff there are great! If I'm even close to this place, I will go out of my way to get here again. They even roast there own coffee beans. - 5/27/2020

Joshua Phillip Price Avatar
Joshua Phillip Price

positive review  Awesome coffee, thankful they helped me and the office power up on a Monday! - 5/11/2020

Matthew P. Avatar
Matthew P.
5 star rating

Super nice people. I had a large complicated order, and they handled it with no problem. Everything tastes great and the service was excellent. - 5/11/2020

Gus Edmundson Avatar
Gus Edmundson

positive review  I absolutely LOVE Ninja Warrior Coffee. Absolutely some of the smoothest coffee EVER. And Stewart and Erin are just the sweetest most down to earth people. This is definitely my go to coffee place. - 5/06/2020

Christie Burdette Avatar
Christie Burdette

positive review  Thanks so much for honoring first responders and health care workers today with a free coffee!! Ill be back to try a few new things soon!! - 4/10/2020

Megan White Avatar
Megan White

positive review  Everything is always fresh, made to perfection because they take the time to build a real relationship with you and know what you want and like. Great conversations everytime, a real family business! I can't say enough about this place and the wonderful family that is behind it everyday working hard and have true servants hearts! ❤ Thank you for what you do even behind the scenes to make morning, afternoon, and evenings better with Jesus and coffee. - 3/27/2020

Kristen Sutherland Avatar
Kristen Sutherland

positive review  We have been fans of Ninja Warrior since we first met them at the Easley Farmers Market. They didn’t even have a physical location at that time. They have the absolutely best coffee in the Upstate, without a doubt. Theirs is the only brand we will buy to brew at home. Stewart and his wife, Erin, are coffee masters. The drinks are consistently good, the experience is always top notch and their eagerness to support community is the cherry on top. You won’t need another coffee shop once you try Ninja Warrior Coffee ☕️ P.S. our pups LOVE them to pieces and thoroughly enjoy every cup of whipped cream they’ve consumed so far 🐶 - 3/25/2020

Tasha G. Avatar
Tasha G.
5 star rating

Still in love with this special coffee shop in Easley. We are so lucky to have such a warm and special place to go grab a cup of coffee, schedule meetings, or just catch up with the friendly owners. The business has stayed true to quality and customer service through a year of growth. - 3/20/2020

Ashleigh Wilkins Avatar
Ashleigh Wilkins

I love Ninja Warrior Coffee! They have a great variety of coffees and other drinks. The staff is always so friendly. Great drinks and service! - 3/19/2020

Freda M. Avatar
Freda M.
5 star rating

Excellent coffee and excellent service. The atmosphere is quaint. And a comfortable setting and the owner is very friendly - 3/14/2020

Kami Turner Avatar
Kami Turner

I LOVE Ninja Warrior Coffee and am so glad they came to Easley. Every single time I walk in, the owners know my name, they’re so nice, and they have that camaraderie with everyone who comes in. The coffee is REALLY good as is the tea! They also have food trucks come on Wednesdays. I can’t say enough about how good the coffee, tea and bakery items are. I even love that they’ll put in the latte designs. It’s cool, too how they display and sell art from local artists. Thankful for Ninja Warrior Coffee and their owners! Make it your regular stop if you haven’t already! - 3/13/2020

Maxwell Lough Avatar
Maxwell Lough

positive review  Smoothest cup of coffee I’ve had !! - 3/05/2020

Michelle Barford Avatar
Michelle Barford

positive review  The El Salvador blend is the smoooooothest coffee I have ever had! I have to have cream and sweetener (lots) in my usual coffee but at the recent Charleston Coffee Festival I drank this blend with just cream! It was delicious 👍 I’m now a new, happy customer ❤️ - 2/21/2020

Cali Ann Morella Avatar
Cali Ann Morella

positive review  My favorite coffee place to visit when I come home from college! Their iced caramel latte is one of my favorite drinks AND it’s made perfect every time! The owners are SO nice and always welcoming! Definitely suggest Ninja Warrior Coffee being your next coffee shop visit!!! 🙂 - 2/14/2020

Cheryl Bork Avatar
Cheryl Bork

positive review  Great variety of coffee and tea and other drinks. Staff is super friendly and very helpful! Highly recommend the Honey Coconut Latte with oat “milk’! - 2/12/2020

Julie Rodbourn Avatar
Julie Rodbourn

positive review  The crew was so nice and busy. they took care of people so fast. I got a raspberry chocolate doughnut to eat then and a box of glazed for later. This was my first time, But I had seen friends on Facebook that had been there before. So definitely if you Are ever in the area where they are please stop and get some great Donuts. Follow them on fb. - 2/12/2020

Albert Smith Avatar
Albert Smith

My favorite coffee, they know how to roast, they know how to brew and even make great espresso drinks. My wife and son exclaimed their mochas were the best they've ever had!

Great folks and great service too!
- 1/25/2020

Cynthia Tindall Priddy Avatar
Cynthia Tindall Priddy

positive review  I received their coffee as a Christmas present. The beans make terrific coffee. - 1/24/2020

Amy DeLeonardis Avatar
Amy DeLeonardis

positive review  Mmm the warm elderberry cider is delicious and soothing. You gotta try it. - 1/24/2020

Pookie Bear Avatar
Pookie Bear

This place is amazing. Their coffees and ciders and absolutely delicious. The owners and others there made us feel so comfortable and welcomed. I'm not really one to go and sit somewhere just for coffee, but this place is just too cozy and nice not to hang out for a bit. - 1/18/2020

Chris Kelley Avatar
Chris Kelley

positive review  My favorite locally owned coffee shop. Great coffee from passionate folks with many options for custom coffee, cocoa or tea. - 1/18/2020

Kristal Gilstrap Avatar
Kristal Gilstrap

This is my new favorite coffee shop! Their coffee is delicious and their shop is cozy, and the owners are always friendly. There's even a place for kids to play in the back area. I think my favorite thing on their menu is the elderberry vanilla cider; it's different than anything else you can get locally. Definitely the best local coffee house! 10/10 - 1/18/2020

Cindy Gaines Avatar
Cindy Gaines

positive review  Great atmosphere, friendly staff and owners, best coffee around, many different areas to just sit and sip your coffee or have a meeting, or work privately on your laptop. Owners are passionate about what they do! - 1/17/2020

Roy Kaye Avatar
Roy Kaye

positive review  great tasting coffee and a very nice atmosphere. - 12/28/2019

Chuck Flaherty Avatar
Chuck Flaherty

positive review  Went there for the first time for a business meeting and wound up getting an education on why Ninja Warrior Coffee is so fantastic . Roasting there own beans on sight awesome atmosphere super friendly staff and out of this word Coffee.
And you can buy there coffee and brew it at your house .
Definitely be back!
- 12/13/2019

Melody Ann Wilkinson Avatar
Melody Ann Wilkinson

positive review  Could not be more impressed!! cozy and spacious. I was equally impressed with the books and games to keep the little ones occupied as well! - 12/03/2019

Scott McClelland Avatar
Scott McClelland

positive review  Great americano! Find your way over to your coffee loving friends a shirt from here, as they’ve just come in. Good folks, great coffee, nice atmosphere. - 11/29/2019

Jamie Sterling Avatar
Jamie Sterling

This place brought me, honestly and truly, to tears. I have never had cold brew that wasn't bitter or a hot brew that smooth. Honest to god the cold brew was like going from cheap bourbon to good bourbon. The *beans*, my god, you can taste the care that goes into them. Beans roasted EVERY WEEK with syrups made by hand, I cannot rave about this place enough. The owner was incredibly kind and I fully plan on buying weekly beans from him once I choose my french press. I mean, seriously, it was so smooth and so delicate in flavor. It seriously made me emotional. I never expected *coffee* to touch my soul

P.S. Also the only coffee shop I've ever been to that can do latte art 😉
- 11/27/2019

Shannon Golden Avatar
Shannon Golden

positive review  Love this coffee shop & more! Very warm & inviting! Folks there are so kind & will make you the best cup of whatever you desire! - 11/26/2019

Addison Stone Avatar
Addison Stone

positive review  Great coffee from great people 🙂 - 10/24/2019

John Janssen Avatar
John Janssen

positive review  Highly recommend stopping by for a cup! - 10/05/2019

Lisa Barnes Runge Avatar
Lisa Barnes Runge

positive review  Great coffee, friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere! I will definitely be back! - 9/06/2019

Christine Boatwright Avatar
Christine Boatwright

positive review  Today, I ordered an iced chai latte from a different coffee shop. Unbeknownst to me, I've been ruined for all other chai beverages, as Ninja Warrior Coffee makes the best chai latte I've ever had. I wasted $5 today on an insanely sweet drink because I didn't get my chai from Ninja Warrior Coffee! - 8/28/2019

Tatyana Chanel Avatar
Tatyana Chanel

positive review  This coffee is amazing and everyone is so friendly. So glad you guys opened in Easley! - 8/10/2019

Hånnåh Lucillė Avatar
Hånnåh Lucillė

positive review  Stewart and Erin are the sweetest. Stewart, from day 1, was welcoming and very informational. Talked us through the different coffee processes and let us taste test his new nitro brew 🙌🏼 These two truly demonstrate Gods love for us in their kindness and generosity with their customers and the whole community. At at 7:25 am, when I’m barely stumbling in for my Ninja jiggle-juice, a smiling face and a heart in my latte give me the extra perk I need to start my day with positivity ❤️ - 8/08/2019

Ria P. Avatar
Ria P.
5 star rating

My favorite coffee shop in Easley! No overly complicated menu, service is great, it's really quiet and a great place for getting work done (or just relaxing). - 8/05/2019

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